Depending on what we are trying to accomplish in your session, I will use one or more of the following bodywork, energy healing, or spiritual counseling techniques.

Bodywork Techniques

I specialize in an international selection of professional bodywork therapies.  Therapeutic massage helps you to optimize your health.

Swedish massage

This is wonderful, soothing, and relaxing.  The main goal is stress relief, letting go of tensions that have built up in the body and mind.  Many people’s favorite.

Sports massage

The primary goals are to prepare the body in advance for its sport, to reduce the possibility of injury by making the body more supple and fluid, and to reduce recovery time both from the event and/or from an injury.

Russian Medical massage

The dozen or so therapeutic sessions required to meet a specified healing goal are organized in terms of “doses” and “patterns” of strokes.  It is completely painless.

Trigger Point Therapy

Often, sore muscles have fibers that are taut.  To skilled hands these can be felt as “bumps.”  There are many different ways to release these areas—from gentle tapping to working deep in the muscle.

Myofascial Release—Deep tissue

This type of therapeutic massage gets deep into the muscle and connective tissue to provide relief to hurting or misaligned body parts.

Trager movement

Gentle rocking and movement that takes limbs, head, and even torso through their comfortable range of motion.  You won’t believe how this soothing technique coaxes the body to feel good.

Pregnancy massage 

Using the “body support system,” created to make the pregnant body comfortable, you can lie face down (Really! The deep cushions have depressions in appropriate places, making mom and baby comfortable.) while I work out the tightness in your back, neck, shoulders, and legs.  Then you can lie comfortably on your left side while I continue the therapeutic massage.

Baby massage

Babies love massage too.  It is soothing to a fidgety baby; it can help relieve constipation; it is great following surgery.  Research has shown that caring touch promotes growth and social adjustment.

Energy Healing Techniques

These techniques work to balance your energy patterns which directly promotes healing.


A magnificent technique based on ancient eastern principles of healing the body by balancing the energy that flows through its “meridians.”


Another wonderful healing technique.  Reflexology usually works with the feet to balance the body (the hands can also be used).  Each area of the body—organ, gland, joint, etc.—has a corresponding reflex area on the foot.

Therapeutic Touch

Perhaps the most unusual technique of all.  Working in the energy field, typically a few inches above the body, the practitioner first feels for imbalances, then balances the energy to restore proper flow.  A very powerful technique for healing.

Reiki (pronounced ray’ key)

A very gentle energy healing technique where the practitioner can just lay her/his hands on your body allowing healing energy to be absorbed where needed.  Very relaxing.

Craniosacral balancing

The immovable joints of the body do in fact move a little.  When they get stuck, the symptoms and ramifications can be far reaching.  Also a gentle technique.

Spiritual Counseling Techniques

Spiritual Counseling provides a way of reducing the burdens you carry.  It is grounded in the idea of creating health and happiness.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT balances energy meridians to overcome the effects of unhealthy emotions and memories.  Another very powerful, yet gentle technique for healing.

The Healing Code

A wonderful new technique that works with key energy centers to promote balance and spiritual healing.

Other techniques

As a student of the spiritual discipline of the far east, which provides a pathway to personal peace, I apply the uplifting precepts to my life and my work.

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